Our Why

We believe the more travel, the better we all become. That’s why our road essentials are designed to last (and last) for every future adventure on the road, so you can get out there and enjoy the journey.

Our Approch

We’re engineers who love outdoor adventures, and our experiences inform our approach to product designs. Our tire inflator is made by automobile owners, for automobile owners. At OAK & IRON, you’ll find tire inflators and accessories that instantly solve your flat tire problems. We’re elevating this type of automotive accessory to a whole new level, a product that will accompany you to see more of the world.

Our Story

We’re problem solvers with diverse backgrounds. The core teams are engineers & designers that have previously built Microsoft’s ODM products. Other teammates and board members include an ex-Goldman Sachs junior trader and a medical doctor from NYC. We all share one thing in common - we enjoy road trips and want to build a company that offers excellent products to make those experiences carefree. #InstantProblemSolver